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Cepeda is my mother’s name, I born in Coimbra in the 80’s. I am graduated in journalism and after 3 years working in Portugal I decided to change the country. First Barcelona, then Madrid, the city chosen to live with my beloved wife.

I love the calm cold winter mornings and the heat of a summer afternoon on a terrace. I prefer the calm of the mountain to the sand of the beach. When I'm not shooting weddings, I also dedicate myself to produce music videos, advertising and other events. Travel and photograph are also my great passions which are reflected in my work.

My proposal is to tell a story. The story of two people who decided to get married one day.  My intention is to tell something more than just a wedding day. I do not intend to record just another event, but a documentary about the love of a couple, who decided to share such wonderful moment with family and friends. Therefore, I hope those who contact me are willing to share a little of their life. I believe this is the way to capture the essence and the feelings of that day.


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